Welcome to my Diary

I remember thinking to myself during my healing journey from a lifetime of trauma that I wish they had some kind of handbook for this.

I saw many articles and guides about what to do in the very moments of crisis. Surviving domestic violence, there were mass amounts of information on how to get out, safety plans, etc.; yet I felt alone and confused with what was to come after the crisis was escaped.

What about those moments where my emotions suddenly flooded my body again at the tiniest triggering event? What about the first time I would be intimate with another man, and all I could think about was how badly that I was brainwashed into feeling like I was just an object? What about the memory loss, the sleepless nights, the post-dating disasters, the hormonal changes, the days I felt like Superwoman, and the other days that I felt completely broken and weak? These were just a few of the side effects from a rough childhood and toxic marriage that I never saw coming. I thought once I escaped the madness that all would be well.

I had no idea.

Through years of soul searching, prayer, therapy, studying, and determining to become a thriving survivor of trauma, I have seen tremendous progress in my healing journey. I was a self-diagnosed, Grade A hot mess. Today, I’m much less of one! This broken, recovering codependent girl who just longed to be fought for rescued herself. Of course, Jesus did that for me the day that he died on the cross, but I didn’t need a human knight in shining armor after all because it turns out that I was well equipped to save the day. I just needed to see it myself, and once I did, I was far more powerful than I could ever imagine.

I am not claiming to know it all when it comes to trauma recovery. I am just a girl who, through Jesus and lots of tears, overcame incredible obstacles to be here today. I have also studied this topic for countless hours through my schooling and life journey. My heart is that through sharing my story (the good, the bad, and the very ugly) that one person may be blessed and heal as well from their own pain. Call me the Carrie Bradshaw of trauma recovery if that is a thing.

What will I talk about in this blog? Well, my life. I am on a lifelong journey of trauma recovery, so what won’t I talk about is more appropriate. Some days, it may be more serious and deeper. Other days, it may be lighter and more fun. I even plan to go to places that others get too shy to talk about (yes, I mean sex and relationships) because it may be a little uncomfortable, but this is exactly what I mean when I say it’s time for a handbook to the road that is less traveled with Christian-based trauma recovery.

I am so very excited to go on this journey together. It’s time to put a face to just one of the thousands of names of those who suffer in silence. It’s time to put it out there and embrace the beautiful mess that is life after trauma. So, put on your seatbelt, and let’s start this crazy ride.

Hi, my name is Dana, and this is my story.

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